SEO is the technical process of improving a website’s rank and visibility in organic search engine results. SearchSmart’s SEO campaigns are highly successful and involve on-page optimisation which addresses content, images and HTML code, and off-page optimisation focussing predominantly on quality link building.

Why do SEO?

Organic search traffic is available to your website all day, every day, for the entire lifetime of your business, so it makes sense to think of SEO as an investment in your company’s future – the more ‘search real estate’ you own, the easier it becomes for more potential customers to find your business. On the other hand, if customers can’t find you using the most relevant keywords, you’re not harnessing your online potential which significantly affects your prospects both today and tomorrow.

A well-rounded SEO strategy is a crucial element in almost any marketing strategy.

SEO with SearchSmart

There’s no magic elevator to the top of the search list, or any way to guarantee that you’ll obtain the highest ranking, so be wary of anyone making these sorts of claims.

With SearchSmart you can be sure that each one of your unique SEO needs will be well and truly taken care of, using leading techniques and up-to-date knowledge on search engine algorithms.

Our approach is comprehensive:

Website Architecture Analysis
Our team examines all the technical aspects of your website to ensure that search engines clearly understand what it’s about, and are able to easily locate your public pages in relevant searches.

Keyword Optimisation
We undertake research to identify the best performing keywords in your industry, and then work them naturally into your website copy in the appropriate places so that your content is optimised to drive sales.

Winning Content Strategies
As well as optimising your website content for keywords that deliver, we also let you in on the secrets to developing content that keeps customers coming back.

Quality Links, not Spam
At SearchSmart, when we undertake off-page optimisation, we’re keenly aware of the tension between link quality and link quantity. With the world of SEO evolving quickly, particularly in this area, we keep pace with all the latest news, knowledge and skills to ensure you receive only the best quality backlinks.

Google AdWords Reporting by Searchsmart

Detailed and Transparent Reporting
At SearchSmart, we’re proud of our work, so we don’t keep any secrets. With us you’ll be informed every step of the way, as we provide you with keyword ranking reports, recommendations for content improvement, and comprehensive website traffic reports.

Our Process

SEO is a long-term strategy that requires significant ‘behind the scenes’ work prior to commencing the phase of continuous monthly management and maintenance of your website’s online visibility. Before we start, we work closely with you to identify your business objectives, and understand your customers’ needs. We also undertake a preliminary audit to identify your website’s problem areas to help us define the scope of our work, and create a tailored strategy to help you achieve your goals.

As with all of our services, quality is at the forefront of SearchSmart SEO services.

Project Essentials and Setup Tasks

Perth SEO - The SEO Process That Searchsmart Follows
  1. Initial account setup and questionnaire
    Before we commence, we’ll provide you with a questionnaire that will assist us with planning the optimisation process.
  2. Technical audit report
    Once we’ve completed our website audit, we’ll prepare a report outlining each of the technical ‘off-page’ items requiring attention. While you’re unable to see these particular items, they’re crucial to successful SEO.
  3. Technical issues repair
    Once you’ve confirmed you’re happy for us to undertake the work, we’ll get started on the necessary repairs detailed in our audit report.
  4. Competitor analysis
    As part of the package we also analyse and report on the SEO strategies, features and conversion elements your competitors are using, so you can see how you compare.
  5. Keyword research
    We’ll also conduct research into the optimal website keywords for your business and industry. Once you’re happy to proceed, we’ll start the keyword optimisation process. As part of this service, we analyse keywords for your products or services including geographical phrases (for example, ‘dentist Fremantle’), as well as the keywords your competitors are using.
  6. Keyword mapping
    Once you’ve agreed to optimise using the proposed keywords, we’ll then ‘map’ those words to the most relevant pages and positions on your website, including the URL, title, headings, content and image descriptions.
  7. Benchmark report
    So that you always have a point of reference and are able to evaluate your performance over time, we provide a report on your site’s current ranking for the agreed upon keywords.
  8. On-page SEO recommendations
    To ensure your website is as effective as it can be, we provide additional on-page recommendations in relation to content including (but not limited to) page titles, meta descriptions, header tags, content editing suggestions, and potential additional content. If you agree to proceed with any recommendations, we’ll implement them in accordance with your requests.

Ongoing monthly activities and tasks

  1. Link building and search rank monitoring
    We work continuously on building quality links to your website through developing directories relevant to your industry (also known as ‘citation building’), Google+ and Google business page suggestions and implementation, link building from guest blog posts and directly relevant forums, as well as infographic creation and promotion.
  2. Monthly performance reports
    We provide monthly reports containing information on the work we’ve carried out and your ongoing rankings, as well as recommendations for further website enhancement opportunities.

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