The Google Ads Display Network is a growing collection of millions of websites, news pages, blogs, apps and mobile sites, who partner with Google to display ‘image ads’ for businesses.

Network users can either display their ads on a range of websites within a particular, relevant ‘category’, or select specific websites to display their image. Users can even choose where on the web page their ad appears, as well as target a particular audience.

With an incredible 73% of Australians now accessing the Google Display Network every month (and with the knowledge that it reaches 90% of the world’s internet users), it’s clear that images have become a crucial factor in today’s internet marketing world, and that encouraging customers to click on your image link when it appears on a website or social media page has never been easier.

However, the really good news is the Display Network doesn’t just increase website hits. Image ads also boost brand loyalty, with a recent study finding that consumers exposed to display ads are 155% more likely to then use brand or segment specific terms when searching online.


Why use Display Advertising?

Today’s consumer is online more than ever before, and according to Google, 95% of their time is spent reading and engaging with website content, so it’s easy to understand why display advertising is now recognised as one of the most effective marketing tools available for increasing brand awareness and loyalty , and driving sales.

With display advertising you can:

  • Create and place an ad in any format, from text, to image, interactive or video
  • Choose entire website types to display your ad, or select specific web pages
  • Be visible to the customers most likely to be interested in your products and services
  • Track your campaign’s success, analyse results, and manage your budget as you go

Google Ads Display with SearchSmart

When you launch an Google Ads Display Network campaign with SearchSmart, you’ll receive:

  • A dedicated campaign manager who, with our digital marketing strategist and project manager, together they design and implement your successful campaign. The goal is to drive traffic to your website, generate leads, increase calls and sales.
  • Intensive campaign monitoring by our campaign manager and project manager to ensure:
    • All deadlines are achieved and any requested changes are actioned swiftly.
  • Business insights and trends are analysed and form the basis of our ongoing recommendations for improving campaign performance.
  • Your campaign manager maintains regular contact (with meetings scheduled where necessary), as well as regular campaign updates and emailed communications with you.
  • You’re fully briefed with monthly reports.

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