Google AdWords is today’s leading search engine marketing system, connecting consumers to relevant businesses when they search online.

AdWords places your ad within the search listings the moment potential customers search Google using ‘advertising keywords’ that relate to products or services you offer.

AdWords Cut Through The Crowd

The AdWords system simplifies advertising and reduces marketing costs in today’s highly mobile, ‘always on’ world, because it works on all devices, operates around the clock, and even allows you to create ‘geo-targeted’ campaigns to connect with customers in defined locations.

Best of all, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad or gives you a call.

Track your success

With Google AdWords tracking tools, you’ll know how many people see your ads, what percentage click through to your website, and how many phone you. You can even view the sales your website generates as a direct result of your ads, making it easy to monitor your success and plan your future AdWords and other marketing.

AdWords With SearchSmart

When you choose SearchSmart to co-ordinate your AdWords campaign, you receive:

  • A dedicated campaign manager who, together with our digital marketing and client services manager designs and implements your successful campaign. As a team they work to drive traffic to your website, generate leads, increase calls and raise sales.
  • Intensive campaign monitoring by our digital marketing and client services manager to ensure:
    • All deadlines are achieved and any requested changes are actioned swiftly
    • Business insights and trends are analysed and form the basis of our ongoing recommendations for improving campaign performance
    • Your campaign manager maintains monthly phone contact (with meetings scheduled where necessary), as well as regular campaign update emails
    • You’re fully briefed with monthly progress reports

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