The Platform Your Business May Not Have Thought About

November 24, 2016 10:51 am

Is YouTube a Social Platform or Media Platform?

Probably a bit of both. YouTube does have social elements where we have the ability to like or comment on a video, but it’s more of a passive social experience when comparing to other social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. People share YouTube content to Facebook and not vice versa.

Here are 10 tips to start you thinking about using YouTube for your business.

  1. Create a YouTube channel for starters.
  2. Save money on channel art and use to create your branding banner.
  3. Get a piece of paper and write down 5 message ideas for your video; new product/service etc.
  4. Creating the video asset. Do you use a professional or do it yourself? Either way, pick one of your ideas and create it. And use your own content not animations or video scribes.
  5. Load your video onto your YouTube channel and be mindful of how you name everything and your descriptions. Use keywords that are relevant to your industry, business, content topic and words the searcher may use to find your video. This strategy also includes what information you put into your channel description from the get go.
  6. Get your website developer to put the YouTube icon and link on your website as this will assist your organic ranking [SEO].
  7. Consider editing the video down to 20-40 seconds to create a TVC (TV commercial) and ask your Google campaign manager to create an instream YouTube advertising campaign, it’s a great low cost way to advertise your business.
  8. Share your video to your other social media platforms or even put some ad dollars towards it to grow your engagements.
  9. Set your goals. The video content should be more about engagement and building brand trust, not so much about getting sales. Give free valuable and interesting information if you can.
  10. Get stuck, then talk to us at Searchsmart or look around YouTube and find loads of information.

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