Daisy’s development commenced with a single purpose – to understand in a factual way, which backlinks are beneficial in an SEO context, for Google’s ranking algorithm, for a particular keyword in a specific geographic location.

For the first time, Daisy’s most obvious competitive advantages and commercial secrets are uncovering complete statistical and factual backlinking landscapes for websites, at scale, in any location around the world, where Google is used as a search engine.

Daisy provides a platform that removes one of the most time consuming, mostly manual, error-prone and difficult tasks that SEO specialists are required to perform, one which rarely done. In many cases, this task and many others like it are “outsourced” due to the high cost of staffing, complexity and local skill sets.

No other tools or systems currently exists worldwide, to our knowledge, that provides the ease, depth, breadth and factual insight into website backlinking profiles, that Daisy provides.

Daisy stands alone in the SEO industry with its ability to amalgamate backlink data in a factual manner, for a specific geo-location and for a specific keyword. We see Google continue its focus on its ranking algorithm in the next 2-3 years, to remain to be hyper-local and hyper-relevant. To learn more about Daisy Organic, see our latest video.

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