What Happened To My Google Places Page?

June 9, 2012 11:25 am

As off last week, Google Places has changed forever with the amalgamation of Google Places and Google’s own social media platform Google+ resulting in Google+ Local. Over night, over 80 million Places pages worldwide were automatically updated into Google+ Local Pages.

Undoubtedly, the change will surely be determined by some as forceful, but it’s here to stay and embrace it is the recommended option. Those of you who previously engaged with your Places page may be left wondering where to start with this new channel. Here’s the good news, if, or when you’ve found your Places page updated, no further action is required, your page will continue to function without your involvement. This being said, you don’t just plant a seed and leave it to grow without tending.

Places pages were often cornered into a basic map listing for your customers to find your location or contact details. With ever growing search engine ranking competitiveness, Google+ pages for business can give you the freedom to express your brand personality and engage your customers with photos, posts, reviews and social credibility, pushing your business across the conversion line.

Staying ahead of the pack is highly advantageous for all businesses with an online presence. Get started by customising your page to reflect your business, encourage your happy customers to leave positive reviews and publicly resolve those that are not so positive. Be accountable to your customers. Watch in time as the social footprint stamps over the organic listings and what you see is determined by your social channels.

Ref: What is Google+ Local?

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