Google Ads for video is Google’s paid video advertising program. It places your video at the start of relevant and appropriate YouTube clips, and can also ‘suggest’ your video to users in the sidebar of YouTube’s search and watch pages.

Why use Google Ads for Video?

Today’s consumer is online more than ever before, and according to Google, 95% of their time is spent reading and engaging with website content, so it’s easy to understand why display advertising is now recognised as one of the most effective marketing tools available for increasing brand awareness and loyalty , and driving sales.

Video marketing helps you connect with a new and particularly engaged audience by telling an interesting story about your business. YouTube is the perfect platform for your video because of the fact that it is:

  • the number one online video site with the world’s largest video audience;
  • the second biggest search engine (behind Google); and
  • the third largest website in the world, experiencing a 40% year on year increase in users per day since March 2014.

To top it off, you only pay when your ad is viewed

YouTube is an around the clock video content streaming platform. It is a worldwide heavyweight with 80% of views occurring outside of the United States, and approximately 50% occurring on mobile phones. People are watching YouTube regularly – at home, at work, and when they’re out and about, so it’s easy to see why there’s been a 50% year on year rise in partner revenue growth for three years running.

Massive Engagement Opportunity Not To Be Overlooked

Not only does YouTube advertising have a wide reach, it’s extremely versatile so there’s no need to limit your video just to your website or your business YouTube channel. You can use Google Ads for video marketing campaigns to advertise your business right across the Google Display Network (GDN) and even on YouTube itself. Targeting prospects by topics they like to search, or if they have searched your type of product but have never heard of you. This is a way to gain more market share, and possibly something your competitors have not even though about. A video campaign is a massive opportunity where the clicks are much lower than regular search campaigns, and it offers so many refined call to action strategies that you wouldn’t have even though of, to start converting new business.

Precise Video Tracking Analytics

YouTube advertising has several targeting options to help you reach the right people at the right time, as well as a variety of insightful metrics and tracking tools to easily monitor and measure your video’s success. With YouTube video marketing, you only pay when someone views your ad, so with the low cost per click, you can relax knowing that you won’t be caught out with a hefty bill. It’s the cheapest branding out there today in Perth

Creative Video Tell The Story That Sells

Unlike some other marketing services, with YouTube advertising you’re not constrained by video length or content, so you can really start thinking outside the box. You can present videos that are longer than 30 seconds if you choose, and they can include customer testimonials, or even comprehensive product demonstrations that showcase your products in action – a marketing tool that’s difficult to present on other platforms.

We work with the best video production companies in Perth who know how to extract out of you, what you need to sell more and achieve your engagement goals. With our video marketing strategies and their filming skills, you need not do much accept answer the prospects that we are bringing into your business to convert into new sales.

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