With Google Shopping, you’ll reach the shoppers who matter most — the ones searching for the products you sell.

Google Shopping works on all devices, and places your product images, along with their price and your business name, right in front of people when they search for those products on Google. Shopping ads appear next to Google search results, which means customers see your products first, putting you ahead of your competitors. As with other Google marketing services, you only pay when people click through to visit your website, so you can be sure that every cent is bringing value to your business.

Why use Google Shopping?

An ‘on ramp’ for website traffic

Many businesses have found that ‘click through rates’ (CTR) are significantly higher for Shopping ads than for text ads that appear in the same shopping-related search locations, with some even experiencing triple the standard rate.

Best quality leads

Google Shopping ads increase the quality of your leads by enabling shoppers to make informed purchasing decisions before they click through to your site. Having all the information they need right there in front of them so there are no further decisions to make, means that by the time the shopper hits your website, they’re already well on the way to finalising their purchase.

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